The corporation of the future will look like a science fiction novel by Neal Stephen maybe Snow Crash, or Ned Diamond Age, or Readmde. The firms will be highly automated, data and algorithmic driven with a great deal of its operation virtual and with high tech remote teams working all over the world and meeting in virtual spaces. Companies will be run by very few people and mostly from virtual worlds with few person-to-person interactions. The equity most likely will be tokens and the IPO will be ICO and maybe SPACS. On the manufacturing side robotics and 3D printing, health will have a Synthetic Biology focus. Entertainment and media will be consumed in virtual worlds and with lots of people simply choosing to live most of their lives in a virtual paradigm instead of what we will call actual reality. The planet will most likely be composed of two extreme demographic spectra the very young and the very old. Given this potential vision, what are the skills needed to turn around and transform a company? To me are very obvious they are not taught in College?. The world in ten years will not be reconcilable by most of us. It will look  be a Neal Stephens novel